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Oil Change

Full change of oil and any corresponding oil filter(s).

Please note if your vehicle has had a gas conversion prices for any service work are on a price on application "P.O.A" basis.

Half Service

Full change of engine oil and any corresponding oil filter(s). The replacement of any air and pollen filters and the topping up of axle and gearbox / transfer boxes oils and fluid levels. A vehicle safety check is carried out and inspection status report given.

Please note if your vehicle has had a gas conversion prices for any service work are on a price on application "P.O.A" basis.

Full Service

Full change of engine oils and any corresponding oil filter(s). The replacement of all filters, air, pollen or fuel. On TD4 and TD6 vehicles the decompression filters are also replaced. New oils are supplied to axles, gearboxes and transfer box if fitted. For petrol vehicles we replace and fit new branded spark plugs. A vehicle safety check is carried out and inspection status report given.

Please note if your vehicle has had a gas conversion prices for any service work are on a price on application "P.O.A" basis.


The type of drivetrain items we repair and re-manufacture include manual 4x4 transmissions, 4x4 automatic transmissions, axles, transfer boxes and differentials. We only use high quality parts such as GKN or OEM items.

We have been in the business of replacing and overhauling gearboxes and drivetrain items for over thirty years - a long time in this business and a rarity in today’s “throw away” culture of binning such items after their service life has expired. Instead of using them for landfill why not recycle these tried and tested items. We know the business of 4x4 drivetrains from re-building to replacing inside out. We do not have office juniors, temporary staff or casual labour carry out these repairs, at Heritage 4x4 Limited, you will be dealing with specialists who have in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience of drivetrain issues.

At Heritage 4x4 Limited we can supply you with a remanufactured gearbox made to order and without delay. We also provide power steering boxes for all 4x4's and differentials for all land rover models. We operate on an exchange basis and can assure you that the parts we use are of the highest possible quality; usually sourced from within the UK. We also export (subject to our terms and conditions). Because of the individual nature of these items all work is undertaken on a POA basis and all drivetrain items come with a 6 to 12 months warranty.

We are experts at diagnostics and are confident that we can solve all your automatic gearbox problems. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment and perhaps more importantly our many years of experience in this industry.

Vehicle Parts

All filters and parts are branded "OEM" or quality. If your vehicle is still under Land Rover or Range Rover manufacturers warranty we will only supply and fit stated manufactures parts in order not to invalidate your warranty.

Fuel Retrieval

Have you ever put the wrong fuel into your vehicle - petrol instead of diesel or vice versa?

At Heritage 4x4 Limited we offer a fuel retrieval service in-house or at the roadside.

This is a service that we hope you will never require. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position then all you need to do is contact us. We will not make jokes at your expense as many of us have made this mistake at some point in our driving life time!

Every year around 150,000 drivers put the wrong fuel into their car. Diesel drivers are reportedly (1) most at risk of damaging their cars, with 95% of cases being caused by people with diesel cars putting unleaded petrol into their vehicle due to the wider diesel filler neck and narrower unleaded nozzle. This can be a very costly mistake, driving your car after filling up with the wrong fuel can cause expensive and catastrophic damage to the engine - as much as £5,000 in the worst cases. On top of that, the cost of retrieving fuel at the roadside is unlikely to be covered under your normal breakdown cover policy and the major motoring organisations charge around £200 for this service.

If you have put the wrong fuel into your vehicle - do not panic! Do not attempt to start the engine or turn on the ignition (you can listen to the radio without the ignition on), because doing so, can circulate the contaminated fuel around your fuel system and increase the risks of potential damage. One call to us and the problem will be dealt with as efficiently, discreetly and promptly as possible.

What our service does.

The service we provide drains the vehicle tank and entire fuel system of contaminated fuel. We replace the primary and secondary fuel(s), if fitted to your make and model of vehicles. We flush the system through with clean fuel, supplying £10.00 of fuel to get the vehicle mobile.

(1) According to British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) - May 2012

Locking Wheel Nuts

Have you just bought a new car or taken over a pool vehicle only to find that you can't find your wheel nut key when you want to change a wheel(s) over? At Heritage 4x4 Limited we offer a "lockout wheel nut service". We will remove lost or damaged locking wheel nuts and keys without damage to the surface of the wheel nut stud pattern.

The small charge for this service is less than the cost of a single rim being repainted another guaranteed service from Heritage 4x4 Limited.

Disc Skimming

Pro-Cut disc skimmers from Heritage 4x4 Limited can fix the following:
  • The steering wheel wobbles when using the brakes caused by warped discs.
  • Juddering brakes caused by disc thickness variation.
  • Noisy brakes (squeaks and squeals).
  • Brake efficiency imbalances.
  • Glazed disc or heat spots.
  • Rust and corrosion.
  • Braking performance is improved with no "bedding in", extending disc and pad life.
  • Lip on brake discs.
The benefits:
  • MOT failures and advisories - save on average - 40% by using the pro-cut brake lathing solution over brake replacement with new discs.
  • Excellent resale values and increase in sales profit margins for both traders and the general public.
  • Thinking of the environment, help provide and support a carbon friendly solution by recycling and not replacing.
Prices start from only £20.00 per disc!

We will only fit new pads to your vehicle after machining as they are matched to the discs. This is the recommended, standard practice. Refitting used pads is a false economy as this does not give you the benefits of maximum braking efficiency and of course will damage your disc again through scoring.

We also offer an "in-house" powder coating service for discs, callipers, calliper arm brackets, drums, back plates and other associated braking items. This service can be offered at the time of servicing whilst performing brake repairs or on an on-going basis. We stock several base colours; if you want candy, pearl or metallic finishes we can supply these, all we require is just a couple of days' notice.

Pro-Cut disc skimming from Heritage 4x4 Limited provides a flexible, cost efficient, carbon friendly solution to many braking problems for main dealers, trade, fleet managers, leasing companies, hire companies and to the public. We are able to solve problems and complaints from drivers with the Pro-Cut brake lathing system, The technology includes an automatic, electronically-controlled, gyroscope system which measures run-out in the hub and corrects this to an accuracy of better than 0.005mm!